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A more peaceful world is possible.

Who We Are

We’re All Neighbors is a nonprofit that connects neighbors so that the full potential of our communities can emerge. We organize events and initiatives based on the belief that we are stronger together. 

We envision a network of neighborhoods working together for a better world. 

Our Guiding Beliefs

A more peaceful world is possible - We share MLK’s vision of the Beloved Community, in which justice, equality, reconciliation, and mutual care form the basis of a peaceful society that enables all individuals to reach their full potential.

We are all connected - No action happens in a bubble, but is connected to a larger system in which we all play a role. We have a personal responsibility to understand the way we fit into the larger whole and impact those around us. 

Relationships are our greatest assets - Building and maintaining trusting relationships fosters a sense of belonging, accountability, and empowerment—leading to stronger and more resilient communities where everyone’s needs can be met.  

Everyone has something to contribute - Each member of a community has a role to play and unique value to share. By understanding our own needs and those of others, we can find where we are intrinsically motivated to contribute and more effectively share our gifts.

Change starts on your block -  Focus on what is within our power to change right now first—as individuals and small groups. Focusing on the world’s problems can be overwhelming, but small, incremental changes can lead to significant improvements on your block and beyond.

Commitment to Good Anchor

Your purchase makes a difference.

100% of our proceeds go towards our 501(c)(3) nonprofit’s work progressing the mission of loving globally while thinking locally through community-building initiatives at home and beyond.

Our commitment to peaceful practices.

Our commitment to a more peaceful world begins with a dedication to sustainable and ethical business practices.


We hand-pick each of our shirts from manufacturers that prioritize the environment and the people working for them. We choose socially responsible production facilities with programs that monitor and certify lawful, humane and ethical practices. Our manufacturers also prioritize energy efficient practices.


We print all our apparel locally in Austin, TX using non-toxic, water-based inks. This means that our inks don't produce any plastic wastewater in the printing and equipment cleaning process. 

We ship all of our products in biodegradable and compostable packaging to even further reduce our footprint so you can get to the good stuff: creating a world with less harm. 

Lastly, we are committed to constantly improving our business to be more sustainable and loving for the environment and the people we impact.

We want to hear from you!

We love hearing your ideas on how we can collaborate in creating a more peaceful world. 

Drop us a message below!



Need help with your order? Have an idea you want to share? We would love to hear from you! 

Thanks for reaching out! We will be in touch as soon as possible.


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